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Our Roots

Hi, my name is Kenzy, the owner and self proclaimed plant whisperer at

Green Thumb Succulents.


 When I first started growing succulents, I had no idea what I was doing. I was sort of curious about the possibilities of growing them in Alaska, which happens to be the most unnatural place for them to live. What started out as a small curiosity of 5-10 plants quickly swelled to about 60 plants in a matter of months. And I hadn't even discovered leaf propagation yet.


Over these last few years I have learned about these plants through my own research, trial and error experiments, and consulting a variety of online forums that were filled with other succulent & cacti enthusiasts. 


Green Thumb Succulents started out as a way for me to "clear out" some of my personal collection and hopefully introduce some new people into the succulent world. My main goal was to sell plants that I had multiples of so i could acquire new types of succulents for my collection. Our first event was such a success, I almost went home empty handed. We were totally sold out, and I had just started! This moment was when I knew I needed to take the risk, and dive in head first. Now I am a happy plant mom to roughly 450 succulents at any given time between my ever growing personal collection and my designated workshop materials.

Custom arrangements, air plants, floral rentals, hand sewn accessories, workshops & much more.

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions. Green Thumb Succulents is here for you. Be sure to check out my new succulent blog for tons of information on my favorite plants, basic care, winterizing your babies and SO much more! 

Written January, 2018.

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