GTS Succulent Soil Mix


Want to know my secret to success? My very own cactus and succulent soil mixture! Each batch is hand mixed with over 5 different componants to make it the ultimate succulent potting mix. This soil mixture is available in 1 gallon bags (or roughly 4 quarts) and ready to use immediately! Each soil purchase will also include a small 2" succulent to help get you started on your succulent journey. Need a planter to go with it? Write us a message in the notes section of your order, and I will email you about available options!


To find out what I use in my soil mix, join one of my succulent workshops! I will walk you through everything I use, where to buy it, and how to be successful with your new little succers.

  • At this time I am not offereing returns or refunds on my soil mixture. I appologize for any inconvinience.